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Kids Doctor Checkup

What is FASD

What is Dyspraxia?


Dyspraxia is characterised 


A thorough and accurate diagnosis usually requires different professionals working together to get a complete picture of the child’s strengths and difficulties. Very often other explanations for the child’s difficulties need to be considered such as ADHD, Autism, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE), Genetic conditions. A person may have one or all of these as well as FASD which makes accurate assessment and diagnosis complex and challenging.

As such, a formal FASD assessment should include an experienced neurodevelopmental  Paediatrician (to assess the facial features, neurodevelopment+medical screen, to consider alternative explanations including genetic conditions), Psychologist (to assess learning ability/executive functions, trauma, attachment and emotional wellbeing) and very often a Physiotherapist / OT (to assess motor skills), Speech & Language Therapist (to assess language and social communication skills).


 My opinion and recommendations will be included in a detailed report which normally is available within 14 days.

In complex cases I may recommend an OT support

If this is something you would like me to carry out, then please contact me directly via this website or at

I also work as part of a team in assessing Looked after Children and post-adoption children for FASD via the Focus Mental Health team. They provide a full and comprehensive gold-standard assessment . Their contact details are

Further reading about FASD:

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