Friday Clinic in Liverpool (address below)

  1. For follow-up/review appointment scroll down.

  2. First New appointment is F2F only and 90 minutes long.

  3. Before booking a New Appointment, please ensure you have completed an assessment and referred by the ADHD Foundation LINK

  4. New Appointment fee £275. Payment via the ADHD Foundation before booking appointment.

  5. If you have not been referred by the ADHD Foundation please contact me directly before booking. Appointment fee £350. Read more

  6. After booking an appointment you will be re-directed to complete HEALTH QUESTIONNAIRE. If this doesn't work please click on following link HQ

  7. After booking you should receive a confirmation email. If not or any difficulties with using online booking system please email at

  8. I aim to reply within 72 hours

  9. Please note Terms and Conditions and Privacy policyFAQ



Friday Clinic

  1. Please only use online booking for F2F Review appointment.

  2. Each appointment is 45 minutes long

  3. If the 2.30pm slot is not available on the day you are available, please contact me, I may be able to offer an appointment at 3.15, although not guaranteed.

  4. Then chose date and time, followed by payment of £150

  5. NOTE: For Video Review appointment, please contact me directly.