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I am an experienced NHS Consultant Paediatrician offering private consultations and assessments regarding ADHD, Autismdyspraxia, neurodevelopmental profile and any concerns regarding childhood development and behaviour

I have a special interest and expertise in ADHD screening, assessment and treatment in children up to their 18th birthday. I also offer Autism screening and dyspraxia (Developmental Coordination Disorder DCD) assessments. 


I work as an Associate Specialist with the ADHD Foundation in completing ADHD assessments but now able to also offer private consultations and assessment via Ghosh Medical Group. For costs and availability please contact each service. Links below. 

I also work with the Focus Mental Health team in neurodevelopmental assessments for young people with complex backgrounds, for example, in suspected foetal alcohol (FASD), Youth Justice Services, Looked after Children and Post-Adoption. - read more LINK


I also see young people with an established diagnosis of ADHD that now wish to consider medication. However, please note that I will need to ensure that I agree with the diagnosis first by interviewing you and your child in clinic (F2F) and reviewing all the primary assessment reports.


My clinic is based in Liverpool but I see children from all over the UK.

At request, it may be possible to see in Manchester or Chester.

The first appointment is always F2F but all subsequent ones can be done via video. 


My assessment and report are comprehensive, holistic, and fully compliant with standards set by NICE and expected by local NHS ADHD services. I know because I led on developing an ADHD service at my last NHS position! However, please note that whether the local NHS service accepts a private diagnosis varies so please check. 

Regarding costs, please note that assessments for ADHD and other neurodevelopmental conditions are very time and resource intensive. These conditions overlap in many cases and require significant expertise in assessment. 

For patient reviews and feedback click links above.

I have used the rainbow spectrum infinity symbol to represent my view on ADHD and the natural diversity in how children's brains work and function (so-called neurodiversity) and the endless possibilities and untapped potential each one possess, rather than something that is 'puzzling', 'piece missing' or needs 'fixing'.​

I accept that I do use terms such as 'condition' and 'disorder' so that my reports are consistent with DSM/ICD terminology. This helps when communicating with other services for additional support and interventions for your child. Learn more about Neurodiversity: LINK1 LINK2

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